Seven people were lightly injured when a fire broke out in the basement of a building in Maaleh Adumim and spread up the stairs to the other apartments.

Firefighting crews are working to evacuate some of the residents, who were trapped in their apartments. Other residents were requested to close themselves into their homes.

One of the tenants said: "Smoke started seeping into my apartment. I opened the door and saw flames."

Fire Chief Ido Peretz, commander of the Binyamin Regional Fire Station, said, "From the moment the alert was received, it was clear that there were trapped people in the building. Firefighters who arrived on the scene noticed dense smoke coming from the lower stories and heard people calling for help from the building. After a brief initial assessment, they began extracting those trapped inside, while simultaneously working to extinguish the fire and clear smoke from the building."

"Some of the apartments, to which smoke had not yet penetrated, were ordered to seal themselves in. Three individuals were taken for medical care. I ask in every possible way that citizens install a smoke detector in their house. Smoke detectors give early warning of fire and allow us to escape from the house, and save our loved ones," Peretz concluded.