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A new ad by Doritos has sparked controversy, with some Israelis calling on the company to remove it.

The ad, put out in honor of "Family Day," features one stereotypical family and several types of LGBT families. It praises all types of families, and calls it "bold" and "brave" to "be yourself."

After showing the various families, Doritos ends its ad with, "There's only one family? Who said?! There are many families and they are all special, and even if it demands bravery to be bold in your choices, to fly across the world or bridge between two worlds - all families deserve to be families. To all families, no matter who they are - happy Family Day!"

"Doritos, get the cheap politics out of the plate, or we'll remove you," one commenter said. "I am not going to buy any more Doritos until you stop engineering a gender-confused consciousness. Sheesh!"

Jerusalem's Deputy Mayor Aryeh King has announced "I am joining the boycott against the pervert encouragers."

Shmulik Fein, another commenter, announced: "From now on, there won't be any more Doritos in our home."

Not all the viewers were supportive of the call for a boycott, however. Ariel Partush responded to King's comment with, "Go back to the cave you came from, you nothing. Because of people like you, we ran away from Jerusalem."