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A woman visiting a Pittsburgh library discovered antisemitic images and text on a piece of paper placed inside a library book, KPXI-TV reported.

The antisemitic note was discovered by library patron Chelsie Hart during a visit to the Oakmont Carnegie Library.

Hart told the news outlet that she discovered the hateful note upon opening a copy of the book The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl by Issa Rae and seeing the piece of paper fall out.

The two-sided letter was full of antisemitic drawings and included the phrase “Take back the swastika.”

Hart said she was not happy with the library’s tepid reaction when she complained about the offensive note. She posted images of it to social media, and then local media began reporting on the story.

Beth Mellor, the director of Oakmont Carnegie Library, subsequently sent an email to other libraries letting them know about the incident.

She told Pittsburgh’s Channel 11 that they plan to to expanded book inspections when books are returned. These will be more thorough and will include shaking the books to see if any items fall out.

“I was happy that I was the person that found this instead of a young kid,” Hart said. “It’s just really scary to see something like that.”

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