AG's wife receiving the note
AG's wife receiving the noteצילום: ללא קרדיט

As part of the ongoing protest against the Attorney General's decision to close the case against the police officers involved in the eath of Ahuvia Sandak, activists sent flowers, balloons, and a thank-you note to the Attorney General's house in the name of the Israel Police.

The attached note read: "To the honorable Supreme Leader, the light to the nations, his excellency Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit, we wanted to thank you on behalf of the Israel Police for the support and tireless backing you give us so that we can fight without interruption against the regime's enemies. The Hilltop Youth are known to be the greatest danger that exists today for the State of Israel and must be fought with a heavy hand and without compromise."

"We are glad that you whitewashed Ahuvia's death, and ignored the fact that we left a 16-year-old boy under a car under which he lay until he died. Thank you for giving us time to coordinate our stories and not interrogating us on the day of the crash. Thank you for ignoring the deputy director of the Department for Investigations of the Police, who warned that the entire investigation had been corrupted. Thanks to you, we can continue our armed rampages through the terrorist nests on Israel's hilltops." .

The letter ends: "We are sure that you will find a way to blame Ahuia's friends who were with him in the vehicle for killing him and give them the maximum punishment allowed by law. We are sure that with your support the next time we run over a Hilltop Youth the case will be closed even faster. We can hardly wait. Sincerely, the Israel Police."

On Sunday at 12:00, the Sandak family will hold a press conference in Jerusalem, where they will give their statement on the closing of the case and formally announce their intention to begin legal proceedings against the decision.