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Several Iranian state television channels were hacked yesterday, and viewers were stunned when a ten-second caption appeared on the screen reading "Death to Ayatollah Khamenei" next to a picture of Iran's supreme leader with a red "X" over his face. A man is heard shouting in the background "Salute Rajawi, death to Khamenei."

An exiled opposition group called MEK claimed responsibility for the hack. A picture of opposition leaders Masoud and Miriam Rajawi, who live in Paris, appeared on Iranian screens as well, and a sound byte from one of Rajawi's speeches was used during the hack.

Iranian state television has confirmed that a 10-second illicit message was broadcast, and is now investigating who is behind it and behind the call for the assassination of Iran's supreme leader.

The heads of the "National Council of Iran's Resistance", which includes a number of exiled opposition organizations, confirmed that at least seven state television and radio channels were hacked on Thursday and broadcast the "Death to Khamenei" message.

The statement said, "Some of the regime's radio and television stations broadcast these slogans today. At least seven government radio and television channels were attacked in this way and several others were disrupted. The operation appears to have been carried out by MEK supporters and state radio and television resistance units."

The opposition organization MEK originally supported the Islamic Revolution in 1979 but soon its leaders clashed with Ayatollah Khomeini and they became opponents of the regime. They have fled to various countries, and are now located mainly in Paris, from where they are waging a long-distance war with the authorities in Tehran.

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