Yankelevitch visiting Auschwitz
Yankelevitch visiting AuschwitzCourtesy

Former Diaspora Minister and Jewish Agency Chair candidate Omer Yankelevitch urged governments of the world to take real action against anti-Semitism.

In a statement honoring International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Yankelevitch wrote, "Over the last years and even more so during the corona period, the plague of anti-Semitism has returned in ways Jews around the world have not known since the days of the Holocaust."

"It is a grave mistake to believe those incidents of hatred will be directed only at Jews," she continued. "If global leaders will not express their intolerance to anti-Semitism, it will expand and become uncontrollable."

"International Holocaust Remembrance Day is a true alarm for world leaders: Do whatever you can to prevent anti-Semitism from spreading. Strive to restore personal security for the Jews, stop the violent attacks against synagogues, and act with much more determination against anti-Semitism on social media.

"Remembering the six million of our people who were slaughtered and murdered by the Nazis, for the sake of future generations, we must do everything so that we can truly say: Never again!"