The car which was attacked
The car which was attackedThe Kadosh family

A couple who just wanted to enjoy the winter wonderland Jerusalem temporarily became in them wake of Winter Storm Plpis were attacked by a group of stone-throwing Arabs at the Armon Hanatziv Promenade on Thursday.

Gila Kadosh said that when she and her husband David arrived at the promenade, they noticed a large group of Arabs throwing snow-covered stones at Jewish vehicles. One of the stones hit their vehicle. Her husband immediately exited the vehicle and demanded that they stop, but they laughed and made fun of him. They met another couple who was at the scene and had also encountered the ambush and documented the rioters on camera.

"We felt very threatened and my husband suggested we drive back home, but when we started driving they threw stones at us from all directions, smashed the windshield, broke the front mirrors and a large stone shattered the rear window," she said.

She said that similar incidents started last night and so far the capital police have not been able to stop the phenomenon.

"Where are the police? Where are the Border Police?" she asks, wondering how it is possible that in the that such an attack could take place in the heart of Jerusalem without a police response.

Police at the police station said that there were officers at the promenade, but there are not enough officers to prevent all incidents of this kind.

Similar attacks were committed against haredi Jews who entered the Old City of Jerusalem through the Damascus Gate. The attackers threw snowballs at them, tossed their hats, looted and humiliated them with insults, laughter and curses.