protest over death of Ahuvya Sandak
protest over death of Ahuvya SandakNo credit

Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit has decided to close the case against the police officers involved in the death of Ahuvya Sandak, who was killed in a car accident in December 2019 after a police chase.

Sandak's family and the protesters against the police claimed that it was the chase that caused the accident and the officers were responsible for his death.

Channel 13 News reported that the Justice Ministry was debating whether to investigate one police officer, but it was decided to close the case against both. The police estimate that following the publication of the decision there will be demonstrations and riots and in recent days intense discussions have been held on the matter.

The lawyers for one of the police officers, Oron Schwartz and Yogev Narkis from the firm Schwartz-Narkis & Co., said that this affair was "a great tragedy in which a young boy lost his life. Nobody wanted that terrible result." Adv. Roi Golan, who represents the second police officer, said: "I am happy that the name of my client has been cleared and justice has been done."

Ahuviya Sandak, from the town of Bat Ayin, was 16 at the time of his death. He was killed in a car accident in Binyamin that occurred following a chase conducted by undercover police. During the chase, the driver of the car in which Sandak was sitting lost control and the vehicle skidded off the road

Since then, right-wing activists have held demonstrations demanding that the government set up an external commission of inquiry to examine the circumstances of Sandak's death and if the accident was caused by the police deliberately rear-ending the vehicle.