Destau Bisset
Destau Bissetpicture used with permission of family

The family of Destau Bisset objected to the Shabak's decision not to investigate his murder last May.

Bisset was run over by two Arabs on electric bicycles in the center of Ramle during Operation Guardian of the Walls. The Arabs allegedly rammed into him at full force and then fled the scene, leaving Bisset bleeding on the street. He was taken to hospital in serious condition and passed away the following month.

The Shabak will not participate in the investigation of the murder after it determined that there is no suspicion that this was a terrorist incident.

The family said it was an "ironic decision. If it was not sad it would be funny. We asked the Shabak to investigate the murder due to the police's failed conduct in the investigation. Nine months after the murder, no indictment has yet been filed against the killers, proving that the police alone are unable to get their hands on the perpetrators. Every sensible person understands that the Shabak has tools and investigative methods that the police do not have."

"And what is the Shabak's response? According to the police investigation materials it received, there is no suspicion of a terrorist incident. After all, it is for this reason we asked for a Shabak investigation - because the police were unable to investigate," the family said.

Adv. Ariel Atari, who represents the Bisset family on behalf of the Honenu legal organization, sent a response to Judge Tal Anar requesting that the Shabak investigate the incident, due to previous police failures in the case. "The impression is that the Shabak and the police are doing everything to do nothing." Adv. Atari added, "We expect the Shabak chief to order his subordinates to stop being lazy and to help capture the killers."

The family recently asked that a judge be appointed to oversee the investigation into their father's murder case and even order the Shabak to investigate the murder.