IDF soldiers (illustrative)
IDF soldiers (illustrative) Flash 90

Overnight on Wednesday, nine separate attempts were made to smuggle illicit drugs into Israel, with massive gunfire used by the smuggler gangs.

IDF soldiers identified the source of the shooting and fired back in order to foil the smuggling attempts; as a result of a misidentification at one point, two officers were lightly wounded by friendly fire.

The incident is being investigated by security personnel.

Meanwhile, IDF forces succeeded in intercepting around 400 kilograms of drugs that would have fetched around eight million shekels if sold in Israel.

Just two weeks ago, a similar incident in the Jordan Valley resulted in the deaths of two IDF officers, Ofek Aharon and Itamar Elharar. The two left their camp to seek out weapons thieves after a spate of thefts from military bases in the area, and were shot by a fellow soldier who was also on patrol and confused them for criminals.

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