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The secretary general of the Teachers' Union, Yaffa Ben David, announced following the cancellation of the quarantine regulations for students that classes will be closed in schools and kindergartens tomorrow.

In a statement, Ben David wrote to teachers and kindergarten teachers that "in light of the government's decision exposing you to the coronavirus in a way that endangers your health and in the face of thousands of requests from you, protest measures will be taken tomorrow - don't go to schools and kindergartens tomorrow."

She added that "in special education institutions, studies will take place as usual. Special education classes in regular schools will join the protest."

"Please wait for instructions regarding further protest measures," Ben David concluded.

The chairman of the national parents union, Merom Schiff, slammed Ben David and said: "In the State of Israel, soldiers do not flee the battle, doctors do not leave hospitals and teachers do not leave their students. Do not wage your wars and the games of power and ego at the expense of the children."

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett decided earlier to cancel the quarantine requirements for children in the education system. In its place, the new testing system will take effect beginning tomorrow.

Bennett agreed with Education Minister Yifat Shasha-Biton on the details of the new testing policy in the education system.

From now on, students throughout the education system will be required to perform two antigen tests a week - on Sundays and Wednesdays, before school day. After the test, the student or one of the parents is required to report it on the Education Ministry portal.

A student whose home test result is negative will come to the educational institution for routine study. A student whose home test result is positive will not attend school and will be tested at a supervised testing site. If the result of the supervised test is negative - the student will return to the educational institution for routine study. If the result of the supervised test is positive - the student will perform five full days of isolation until recovery (subject to home tests on days 4 and 5 and a negative result from both).

An unvaccinated student who is not tested on Sundays and Wednesdays and does not fill in the data on the Education Ministry portal, will be required to enter full isolation (5 full days) in the event a verified student is discovered in his class.

The Ministry of Health emphasized that a student with symptoms is required not to attend school until the symptoms have passed - someone who is ill must stay home.

In case of direct exposure to and close contact with a verified carrier (in class, at home or elsewhere - it is recommended that the student test daily for five days after the exposure.

A student who is at high risk for a serious illness due to a background illness or if one of his nuclear family members is in a high risk group will not be allowed to attend school in the coming month.

Tomorrow, all Israeli students will be required to perform a one-time home examination before arriving at school.

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