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A Bedouin driver tried to ram IDF soldiers outside of an army training area in southern Israel early Wednesday morning.

The incident occurred in the Arad area before dawn Wednesday, when a suspicious car approached an army checkpoint outside of a military training area.

Soldiers stationed at the checkpoint ordered the driver to stop the car, but the driver instead accelerated, and attempted to ram the soldiers.

The commander of the soldiers at the checkpoint fired shots in the air and at the vehicle’s tires, prompting the driver to abort the ramming attempt.

The suspects in the car fled the scene. Police have opened an investigation into the incident.

“At the time, when they were being questioned at the scene, the suspects tried to escape,” an IDF spokesperson said. “The suspicious car sped up towards the IDF soldiers who were standing next to the checkpoint, an in response, the force commander shot the car’s tires, [and the suspects in the car] managed to escape.”