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Lamaar Bahaa, age nine, fainted suddenly in school and died a short time later.

Magen David Adom (MDA) staff called to the Allanbras school in Kafr Zemer attempted to resuscitate the girl, but did not succeed in bringing back her heartbeat and breathing.

She was evacuated to Hillel Yaffe Medical Center, where the doctors tried for a long while to resuscitate her, but in the end they were forced to declare her death.

Khaled Shura, the school's principal, told Yediot Aharonot that, "The girl was playing with her friends on the school's campus and suddenly she fainted, for no reason. We immediately called the medical staff, and unfortunately after a short time we received the painful news that she had died."

Adding that the school had taken Bahaa's death very hard, he said, "We need to hold special activities in order to provide the children with emotional support."

Speaking to Ynet, the girl's father said that MDA arrived only after 16 minutes, and "if they would have arrived within a few minutes, they would have saved her life. We need to employ people in schools so that they are able to provide medical aid within seconds, and not within minutes."

He also mentioned the fake news spread about his daughter which claims that she died because of the coronavirus vaccine.

"My daughter died of cardiac arrest," he told Ynet. "There are those who are spreading lies that my daughter died because of a vaccine. I want to clarify to all the liars: My daughter did not get vaccinated at all. She got coronavirus once and recovered, and everything that is being published on social media is not true. I ask that people not publish things without verifying them."

MDA responded: "The ambulance arrived after 16 minutes. An MDA motorcyclist and a doctor arrived at the scene before that."