A British internet troll who harassed an Oscar-nominated Jewish writer, a communications strategist and staff at the Board of Deputies has been convicted of three charges and is facing up to six months in prison, the Jewish Chronicle reported.

Nicolas Nelson, 32, set up anonymous accounts to troll writer and comedian Lee Kern and communications strategist Joanne Bell. He also harassed an employee of the Board of Deputies with antisemitic phone calls from April to May 2020.

Nelson’s antisemitic emails and messages included calling for a second Holocaust, praising Hamas and referring to using Jews for target practice.

Nelson was previously convicted for racially harassing former MP Luciana Berger, who is Jewish.

On Monday, Nelson was convicted of malicious communication and racially aggravated harassment.

Nelson was identified as being behind the anonymous troll accounts after Kern worked with Campaign Against Antisemitism to petition for a court order forcing Nelson’s internet service provider to disclose information about the owner of the accounts. Reportedly, the case was the first time the law was used to unmark an antisemitic internet troll.

Kern, who was a writer for the Sacha Baron Cohen movie ‘Borat Subsequent Moviefilm,’ told the Jewish Chronicle that Nelson “believed he was able to make these attacks on Jews with anonymity and impunity. He was mistaken.”

“Justice will now be served. All those who think they can attack Jews anonymously and get away with it should pay heed,” Kern said. “We have the motivation and commitment to come after you hard. And we succeed.”