attack on Jewish resident
attack on Jewish resident Honenu

An extreme left-wing activist poured boiling coffee on Tal Yoshubiev, a resident of the Shimon Hatzaddik (Sheikh Jarrah) neighborhood of Jerusalem, during riots that took place in the area last Friday.

Attorney Haim Bleicher of the Honenu legal organization, which represented Yoshubiev, sent a letter to the police requesting that the suspect be arrested and prosecuted.

The attack took place last Friday, just before the start of Shabbat. On the same day, dozens of anarchists rioted with Arabs in the area near Yushubiev's house, causing extensive damage to a fence erected around a privately owned Jewish plot of land.

After the riot, Yushoviev went out towards the plot in question, "then the suspect ran towards him and poured boiling coffee on my client from a cup he was holding in his hand. His clothes were stained with coffee, the heat of the drink burned my client's body," Adv. Bleicher described.

He said "miraculously the boiling drink did not hit my client's exposed face, which could easily cause real medical damage." The entire incident was recorded on security cameras, Yushubiev turned to the police on the spot and complained, and they detained the suspect.

Bleicher emphasized the severity of the attack: "An attack on a person with a hot / boiling drink constitutes a serious attack, and I emphasize that this is an attack against the background of a nationalist political struggle. I will seek to arrest the suspect at the end of the proceedings and do everything possible to file a serious indictment against him as soon as possible - and to prosecute him for his serious acts."

The Yoshubiev family has been attacked 16 times since the end of Operation Guardian of the Walls in May 2021. The incidents include eight car arson attacks, two Molotov Cocktail attacks, firing fireworks at the family's yard, throwing paint bottles at the family's car, and more.

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