Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu broke his long-standing silence on the plea bargain negotiations he is conducting with Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit Monday evening and clarified that he will not agree to any deal in which he admits to moral turpitude and will continue to lead the Likud.

Netanyahu said: "Dear and beloved citizens of Israel, in recent days you have proven once again that I do not walk alone, and that millions of you walk with me. You moved me greatly. I will continue to lead the Likud and the national camp to lead the State of Israel - on your behalf."

"The entire public sees what is happening in court and how the investigation against me was conducted. It is enough to close the cases against me right now, but it has not happened yet. In recent days, false allegations have been made in the media about things I allegedly agreed to, such as the claim I agreed to admit to moral turpitude. This is not correct," he added.

The Likud chairman added: "Your mobilization and tremendous support has warmed my heart and the hearts of my family members and it gives me more strength to continue to lead you and fight for our path, truth and justice."

If Netanyahu agreed to an admission of moral turpitude, he would be forced to resign from the Knesset and be banned from running again for the next seven years.

Channel 12 News reported that the State Attorney's Office sent a message to Netanyahu's attorneys that a plea deal is possible only with the next attorney general and not with Avichai Mandelblit, whose term ends next week.