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The wintry weather seen across Israel last week is back in full force after a brief weekend respite, and predicted to culminate in snowstorms on high ground on Wednesday.

The weather is being caused by an exceptionally cold front on its way over from Russia, bringing with it rain and storms and also snow. According to forecasts, Monday will see intermittent rainfall mainly in the north of the country and also in the center, with temperatures below the seasonal average. During the morning hours, there may be some snowfall in the Golan Heights. Winds will slacken somewhat. In the afternoon hours, rain will become more sporadic and will gradually cease. Over Monday night, temperatures will drop in the interior of the country and on higher ground.

On Tuesday, there will be a temporary lull in the rain and temperatures will rise a little. During the night, rain will return in the north and the center of the country. On Wednesday, the weather will be rainy and stormy, with extremely heavy rainfall in the north and the center of the country, accompanied by thunderstorms and hail showers. Along the coastal plain there may be flooding, and there is a likelihood of flash floods along riverbeds. In the Negev, the weather will be hazy with a possibility of sandstorms. From the afternoon hours onward, the rain will spread to the Negev with a danger of flash floods throughout the desert region.

In the Hermon region and in the northern Golan Heights snow will fall over Wednesday afternoon and evening, and colder air will penetrate the rest of the country, with snow falling in the mountains of the Galilee. Later in the evening, snow will fall on higher ground in the center of the country in areas over 700 meters above sea level, including in the capital, Jerusalem.

On Thursday, the rain will start to slacken off but will continue to fall throughout the country, from the north to the Negev. Snow will remain on the peaks in the north and on higher ground in the center of the country throughout the morning, with a continued risk of flash floods and flooding in affected areas.

Temperatures for the country for Sunday night to Monday: In Jerusalem, the temperature will fluctuate between 9 degrees by day and 6 at night; in Tel Aviv, the temperature will be 13 degrees by day dropping to 12 by night; in Haifa, 11 by day and 10 by night; in Tzfat, 6 by day and 4 by night; in Katzrin, 9 by day and 8 by night; in Tiverya (Tiberias) 13 by day and 10 by night; in Afula, 11 by day and 9 by night; in Beit Shean, 15 by day and 11 by night; in Ashdod, 14 by day and 12 by night; in Ein Gedi, 20 by day and 14 by night, in Beer Sheva, 15 by day and 9 by night; in Mitzpe Ramon, 9 by day and 3 by night; in Eilat, 20 by day and 10 degrees by night.

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