COVID-19 antigen test
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Professor Hagai Levine, Chairman of the Association of Public Health Doctors, questioned why a child who has a cough and a fever must undergo a supervised antigen test.

"A child with a fever and a cough, a home antigen test came out positive, another home antigen test came out positive, he's been exposed to known carriers in his class. Diagnosis: Coronavirus. He's in quarantine. What justification is there to require him to undergo a 'supervised' antigen test?" Prof. Levine questioned on Twitter.

"The danger: Taking him out when he is sick, to infect others and waste resources. There is no medical or epidemiological justification."

A similar question was posed by Ran Binyamini of Kan Reshet Bet a few days ago, after he contracted COVID-19: "Someone explain to me why a person who was confirmed [to have COVID-19] in a home test, and clearly has all the possible symptoms and can barely get out of bed, needs to leave his house to do a supervised antigen? It's simply insane."

Professor Levine responded: "There are effective ways to do a 'supervised' home [antigen] test, as it is done in other countries. The home and supervised antigen test is the same test."

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