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For decades, the complexities of making absolutely certain that dairy and meat do not mix has led to a ban on dairy in all IDF kitchens. Over the last few weeks, however, the IDF has formulated a plan for repealing the ban on dairy, which was imposed by Rabbi Shlomo Goren during his tenure as Chief Rabbi of the IDF.

Leading the policy change is Maj. Gen. Michel Janko, commander of the Technology and Logistics Division, along with Chief Military Rabbi Brigadier General Rabbi Eyal Karim.

The change in policy is causing great concern among many military rabbis. "This is a catastrophe for military rabbis," said officials in the military rabbinate who spoke with Arutz Sheva. "Neither the Chief Rabbi of the IDF nor his deputy, Rabbi Udi Schwartz, have ever supervised a military kitchen. This matter was not considered either by the general staff of the military rabbinate or of the ​​​​​​kosher supervision department."

According to the sources, "The Chief Rabbi not doing anything against this issue. It bothers a lot of military Rabbis. This is an event that will cause endless complications with kosher supervision. It was expected that even if such a move is made, the IDF must have enough kosher supervisors to monitor it properly. At present, there are only fifty percent of the supervisors that would be required."

An IDF spokesperson responded: "The IDF is considering changes in order to improve food service to all personnel, including establishing the capacity for dairy cooking in the IDF. No final decision has been made at this time. We emphasize that changes will be approved in accordance with all kosher procedures and will be examined according to the definitions and requirements to be determined by the military rabbinate, which is the exclusive authority on the issue of kosher food in the IDF."

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