The US Ambassador to Israel, Thomas Nides, told an Israeli conference on Wednesday that the administration of President Joe Biden is committed to continuing and expanding the Abraham Accords.

Speaking as part of the “Fruits of Peace” panel at the 2022 Manufacturer’s Association of Israel Conference on Industry and High-Tech, Nides emphasized that “the Biden administration is fully and completely committed to the Abraham Accords” and is “focused on increasing the involvement of the countries that are currently signed on.”

Asked about the rumor that Indonesia and Saudi Arabia are considering normalizing relations with Israel, Nides explained that “one of the things I like to do is, having spent half my career in business and half my career in government, is to get stuff done.”

He commented that it is “imperative that all of us folks focus on doing more transactions, more deals, more opportunities” with the countries currently signed on to the Abraham Accords.

He noted that at the end of the month, he will be hosting his first meeting with all of the ambassadors from countries that are part of the Abraham Accords.

“What we can do bilaterally and trilaterally and making sure that these are real transactions,” Nides said. “One of the real goals here is to make the people to people exchanges, the business transactions, and really solidify this for the long-term. That’s obviously where I’m focused.”

On the topic of what comes next for the Abraham Accords, Nides said that there are going to be “lots of opportunities” in the future.

But he said that “personally, I focus on what we have today.”

“The White House and the State Department focus on quote ‘next countries’ and hopefully there will be many, many more to come,” Nides said. “But I think it’s imperative for all of us not to lose sight of what we already have and make those solid and before we chase the next one. But I think ultimately we’ll be doing that as well simultaneously.”

Nides also spoke about new business opportunities opening up between Israel and the US.

He called the relationship between the two nations “unbreakable on every level – on national security, economics, emotional.”

“The emotional attachment from Joe Biden and the United States of America – both Democrats and Republicans – this is not a partisan issue, is an emotional connection to the State of Israel,” he said.

“The good news here is there is no lack of opportunity between Israel and the United States. You know, we’re the largest single trading partner. 50 billion dollars in trade. It’s everything from technology, to energy, to science, to education, to hard goods,” Nides added.