Yehuda Dimentman
Yehuda Dimentman Courtesy of the photographer and Avia Deutsch/TPS

First publication: The IDF announced Thursday to the family of Rees Jaradat, one of the terrorists in the cell which murdered Yehuda Dimentman, that their house would be destroyed.

Jaradat, a minor, is one of three people who aided the two terrorists who carried out the shooting in which Dimentman was killed.

According to the demolition order submitted to the terrorist's family, the IDF intends to demolish the entire floor of the house where the terrorist lived before participating in the attack.

The IDF has already issued demolition orders for the homes of the two terrorists who carried out the shooting. Last week, the IDF informed the family of Muhammad Jaradat, one of the terrorists committed the attack, that their house would be demolished.

Rees and Muhammad Jaradat are cousins.

Shai Glick, CEO of B'Tsalmo, which represents the Dimentman family, said: "We thank the commander who agreed to our request and ordered the destruction of the minor terrorist's home. It is not possible for a person to be old enough to take a life and not old enough for his family to pay the price. The purpose of destruction is deterrence and the knowledge that every minor who comes to ruin a life will first ruin the life of his personal family. We call on the IDF to complete the craft and destroy the home of the fourth and final terrorist in this assassination squad. The destruction of terrorists' homes equals human rights."

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