Israeli and Greek Defense Ministers
Israeli and Greek Defense Ministers Ariel Hermoni (IMoD)

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz (Blue and Wihte) on Thursday delivered remarks in a joint press conference with Greek Minister of National Defense Nikos Panagiotopoulos.

Speaking at the conference, Gantz said: "The bond between our countries is strategic in nature – with shared interests and wide defense cooperation. Our bond is also a moral one – the young democracy of Israel sharing values with the ancient democracy of Greece. Lastly, our bond is one of friendship – when summer fires break out in Greece, or when tragedy strikes the Israeli Air Force, you and I Minister, are the first to pick up the phone."

"The State of Israel views Greece as a strong regional partner. As a NATO member, Greece plays a big role in maintaining security and stability in the eastern Mediterranean and beyond."

"We value both our bilateral defense relations as well as our work in the trilateral framework, together with Cyprus. Our cooperation in the areas of industry, force build-up and R&D contribute to the operational advantage and safety of both our countries. Our joint military training and strategic dialogue deepen both our professional and personal bonds. This relationship is an asset, and I am committed to further deepening and expanding our cooperation, in any scenario and regional developments."

Gantz added, "This is a time of great opportunities, but also of great challenges. I see great potential to expand cooperation with old and new friends in the region, over shared interests in energy, innovation, and security."

"I also see a threat that seeks to destroy the bridges that are being built - a force that feeds on chaos. During these critical weeks, Iran continues its pursuit of nuclear capabilities.

"While Iranian officials deliver educated remarks in nice suits in Vienna, their proxies continue their aggressive attacks.

"Just this week we saw a massive attack on the UAE. Iran's double-dealing must be brought to the negotiation table. Any international effort must address both the nuclear issue, as well Iranian aggression. Israel and its partners, with the US at the forefront will continue to defend itself and support peace and stability in the region."

Israeli and Greek Defense Ministers
Israeli and Greek Defense Ministers Ariel Hermoni (IMoD)
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