Sad child during coronavirus
Sad child during coronavirus iStock

Dr. Noy Cohen, deputy manager of the pediatric ER at Assuta Hospital in Ashdod, responded Thursday to the proposal to eliminate quarantine for children.

"With everything connected to the Omicron variant, there is no reason children should pay an additional price," Dr. Cohen said. "We must continue the vaccination drive, be careful about mask-wearing, and at the same time return them as much as possible to routine."

"We see up close how quarantining children may provide some health protection, but it comes with a high emotional and social price, which at this point we need to take into account more, and which endangers them no less and maybe more than the Omicron variant."

"At the present time, in light of the various data, we can keep a minimal routine of taking children out of quarantine and rely only on tests.

"With the perspective of a few weeks, this step will be a benchmark with regards to everything connected to life alongside coronavirus."