snow in the Golan Heights
snow in the Golan HeightsItamar Tzuri/TPS

The communities of the northern Golan Heights saw between 5-8 cm (2-3 inches) of snow Wednesday. Mount Hermon saw over 30 cm (1 foot) of snow.

Emergency rescue teams were dispatched to the area ahead of time to be ready to respond in the event of an emergency caused by the weather and to keep the roads clear.

Forecasters say that snow is expected later in the day in the mountains of the Galilee, Gush Etzion, and on mountains in Samaria which are over 700 meters above sea level.

Jerusalemites are still waiting to hear whether the city will see any snow or not. Jerusalem Municipality Director-General Itzik Larry provided an update earlier about the preparations for potential snowfall in the capital.

"We are prepared for any scenario and are ready to provide any response that may be required, in order to provide a professional and quality service to residents and visitors to the city. The preparations include the operation of professional teams that will take care of the hazards, disperse salt to prevent slipping, clear the road if necessary, and assist anyone who needs it," Larry said.

"I urge residents to exercise caution and maintain health and safety. We will continue to conduct situational assessments at all times, and we will regulate the activity of the relevant forces in accordance with any new developments," he added.

Israel is in the midst of an unusual cold-spell. The Israel Electric Company estimates that today a the all-time winter record will be broken and energy consumption will stand at about 14,300 megawatts due to the extreme cold.