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Data on agricultural theft in 2021 has revealed that the number of agricultural thieves in the Arab sector is three times that of the Jewish sector, while the number of victims of agricultural crime the exact opposite, Israel Hayom reported.

Agricultural crime involves crime against farmers, including various types of theft, as well as damage to produce and agricultural land, destruction of equipment, and more.

Police data showed that while there were just 96 Jewish suspects, the number of non-Jews suspected of agricultural crime in 2021 reached 275. In addition, in 2021 police interrogated 55 suspects who were residents of the Palestinian Authority.

Out of 756 farmers who suffered from agricultural crime in 2021, 622 were Jews and 134 were Arabs, Israel Hayom noted. In the northern district, one indictment was filed for every three cases of agricultural crime, while in Judea and Samaria, there was just one indictment for every 20 cases of agricultural crime opened in 2021.

According to police, in the past decade there has been a 50% drop in crime, along with a 50% rise in the number of indictments filled against agricultural thieves, and a 62% rise in the number of arrests.

Attorney Avichai Boaron, chairman of the Lavi organization, said, "The data proves the depth of the State's bankruptcy when it comes to protecting the personal safety of its citizens in general, and of farmers in particular."

Israel Police responded: "Border Police are responsible for agricultural areas, which represent 85% of the State of Israel's land, with 350 fighters and officers, and about 8,000 volunteers. In 2021, there was a 19% drop in agricultural crime in comparison to 2020, and there was a 62% rise in arrests in comparison to 2020."

"Border Police are currently working to increase the number of forces operating on the ground."