IBC chairman Sinisa Toroman awards the William K. Langfan Award to Aaron Frenkel
IBC chairman Sinisa Toroman awards the William K. Langfan Award to Aaron FrenkelCourtesy

This past December, the International Israel Business Club (IBC), chaired by Sinisa Toroman, awarded its annual William K. Langfan Award to billionaire global entrepreneur, businessman, and philanthropist Aaron G. Frenkel for his outstanding commitment to Israel, and his record of promoting trilateral relations between Israel, Germany, and the United States.

The IBC serves as a proactive bridge of understanding between Israel, the USA, and Germany, creating vital connections and synergies between high-level business contacts in the three countries. Both full and sponsoring members of the exclusive IBC include well-known business leaders and CEOs of major companies. At IBC events in Tel Aviv, Berlin, New York, and Washington DC, a diverse group of strong economic, political, and cultural actors meet and form lasting connections that often result in joint business ventures and enduring friendships.

The 2021 William K. Langfan Award was granted to Frenkel, Vice President of the internationally known business association the World Jewish Congress, for his long-term commitment to promoting friendship between Israel, the USA, and Germany - a friendship of especially great relevance and importance today as anti-Semitism is once again on the rise.

In addition to the several CEOs from major companies in the USA, Germany, and Monaco who were present at the December gala at which Frenkel received the award, Israel Ambassador to Germany, H.E. Jeremy Issacharoff and senators and congressman from the USA were also in attendance.

The annual Award honors the life and vision of William K. Langfan. Langfan, a former US soldier who marched into and liberated Buchenwald, also served as his army unit’s translator, being fluent in English, French, and Yiddish. After the war, Langfan started a successful real estate business, the William K. Langfan Company, which is now managed by his son Mark Langfan. A lifelong philanthropist, Langfan has created six permanent endowments, donated two ambulances to Magen David Adom, donated four Sefer Torahs to four different synagogues, and contributes to Israeli universities and other Israeli institutions. Soon to celebrate his 100th birthday, Langfan has three children and six grandchildren, all of whom share his love for and dedication to Israel.

The 2022 IBC gala dinner will take place in December, 2022 in New York, where another true leader will receive the William K. Langfan Award in the presence of about 300 major CEOs, businessmen, politicians, and celebrities.