Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett warned foreign leaders and business leaders against investing in Iran and providing the Islamic Republic an economic lifeline to continue spreading terrorism across the Middle East,

“Investing in Iran is not a sound investment whether there is a deal or not a deal,” Bennett said in a virtual address at the 2022 Davos World Economic Forum Tuesday.

"They are the source of terror in the Middle East, and we have to fight back," the prime minister declared. "The last thing you want to do with this sort of octopus is pour tens of billions of dollars into this apparatus, because what will you get? You'll get terror on steroids. Everything we're seeing will be doubled and tripled because they'll be much stronger."

"While it has this image of a powerhouse, in fact Iran is way more vulnerable than one would think. Their economy is taking. Their rial is depreciating. They are so incompetent that they are not able to water to faucets in huge swaths of land," he added.

Bennett criticized the negotiations with Iran in Vienna, saying that only an agreement which forced Iran to give up its nuclear weapons program in its entirety would be acceptable.

“Why would anyone legitimize their right to enrich uranium at massive capacity?" Bennett asked. “I don’t see any rationale why it makes sense for the free world to sign a deal with them that would give them money, and at the same time allow them to continue."