MK Shlomo Karhi from the Likud said on Monday that even if the chairman of his party, Benjamin Netanyahu, agrees to a plea bargain, he will still emerge from the entire situation as a winner.

"I must say that at the public level Netanyahu has achieved the two main goals: The first is for the public to understand that there was nothing because there is nothing. This can be seen both in the testimony of Nir Hefetz and in the State Attorney's Office, which is willing to go to the plea bargain and give up on the 'main clause' of bribery. The goal of the fight against ‘the gang of the rule of law’ that does everything it pleases has also been realized," Karhi said in an interview with Israel National News.

"The entire question that remains is whether to spend many years in court and pay a lot of money to lawyers when it is clear to Netanyahu that he will not receive a just trial. So once you understand this is your starting point, it may be right to stop the saga, admit that you received a gift based on legal advice that made it possible and accept the State Attorney's Office's interpretation," he added.

Karhi claimed that "the prosecution is in a difficult situation in this case. Therefore, I have no doubt that they will go for a plea bargain no matter what. We see that everything is collapsing for them and they need this deal."

In his estimation, Netanyahu has not yet said the final word in the Likud itself. "I hope that just as Netanyahu has been eulogized many times in the past, that this time too it will be in vain and he will continue to lead the national camp. If that does not happen, there will be elections within the Likud, there will probably be many candidates and contenders for the crown. I will recommend to my supporters to back only those candidates who declare they will correct the ills that this government has done in anti-democratic and Jewish laws."