Bedouin riots in the Negev
Bedouin riots in the NegevIsrael Police spokesperson

The High Monitoring Committee of the National and Islamic Forces in the Gaza Strip on Saturday commented on the clashes between Israeli security forces and the Bedouin in the Negev, which broke out during the Bedouin protests over Jewish National Fund (JNF) tree planting in the area.

"The deliberate Zionist attack against the occupied Negev is an open call to all our people, and especially in the Negev, to refuse to enlist in the occupation army or in any form of service for the state which expels them from their homes," the committee stated.

It praised the Bedouin in the "occupied Negev" and strengthened their hands in their fight against “the settlement and Judaization”, stressed that the fierce uprising of the residents of the "occupied" Negev is a wound in the heart of the "Zionist entity" after it failed in its policy of “Israeliization” of the Arab public.

The monitoring committee said in its statement, "Our lands in the Negev, Galilee, the Triangle, Haifa, Jaffa and Lod, and in all Palestinian cities, villages and settlements within the occupied land, as well as Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank are all lands of the Palestinian people."

The committee called on the Palestinian Arab public wherever possible to assist the Bedouin as much as possible in order to strengthen their steadfastness.