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Egypt has announced that it will be opening a massive state of the art museum in honor of the 100 years since the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb.

The museum, located on in the outer part of Cairo against a backdrop of the Giza Pyramids, will contain the boy pharaoh’s ancient treasures. Close to completion, when finished it will reportedly be the biggest museum in the world dedicated to the history of a single civilization.

"If the coronavirus-related conditions are stable, then the [museum’s] opening would be in the second half of the year," Egyptian antiquities and tourism minister Khaled el-Anany told ABC News. “We will be ready by the middle of this year … but we want to make sure that our guests can arrive in large numbers. We aim to invite presidents and kings from all over the world.”

The museum will be almost 480,000 square meters in size and will contain over 100,000 relics. Nearly 5,000 of the items will connected to Tutankhamun, who was an 18th dynasty ruler who reigned for 10 years as a child, dying at only 19.

"We are celebrating the 200-year anniversary of Egyptology and 100-year anniversary of Tutankhamun tomb's discovery in many parts of the world through Egyptian institutions,” el-Anany said. “However, I believe that the best celebration of Tutankhamun would be opening the Grand Egyptian Museum.”

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