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A Jewish student starting her first semester at Temple University in Philadelphia was shocked to receive an antisemitic text from her roommate, ABC6 Action News reported.

Sasha Westrick said that in September her new roommate sent her a text of a screenshot from Snapchat showing Westrick studying, which was taken without her knowledge.

The photo was captioned “I hate Jews.”

Westrick told the news outlet that the Snapchat post was created by her roommate.

"It just made me feel so uncomfortable. I just looked at her," said Westrick.

She added that her roommate is also a teammate of hers on the school’s rowing team.

She said that she told another teammate and they replied, “Well, that's not really anti-Semitism, is it?'"

Westrick reported the incident to the Temple University police.

She explained that after speaking to administrators about the incident, it took weeks for Temple to move her into a new dorm room. The move only took place after her mother insisted it happen, Westrick’s mother said.

Westrick noted that while a hearing by the university found the student guilty of sending the antisemitic text, she did not feel the punishment was adequate and could not continue at Temple. She is now attending a different university, as she did not feel safe at Temple.

"I told my coach if we have a zero-tolerance policy against discrimination, then why is she still on the team?" Westrick said.

Her family is looking into the possibility of legal action against Temple University.

In a statement, Temple said it “fully condemns antisemitism as well as discrimination against any person or persons based on religion, nationality, race, disability, veteran status, gender, sexual orientation or identity in the strongest possible terms.”

“Harassment and threats are defined in our Student Conduct Code and are not tolerated. We encourage all members of our community to report any discriminatory acts. This includes bias-related intimidation or harassment, and violations of this type may result in enhanced sanctions,” the statement said.

“We prioritize fostering a campus climate where all students can live and study without fear, hate and intimidation,” they added, noting that the “importance of cultural acceptance is underscored by our participation in Hillel Internationals Campus Climate Initiative (CCI) cohort for the 2021-22 academic year."