Rabbi Benzion Mutzafi
Rabbi Benzion MutzafiYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Rabbi Benzion Mutzafi, a leading Sephardic rabbi, on Thursday morning slammed COVID-19 deniers, saying that "their blood is on their own heads."

The incident occurred when one of Rabbi Mutzafi's students questioned, "How will those who incite and instigate against vaccines fare when they get to Heaven?"

In his answer, quoted by Kikar Hashabbat, Rabbi Mutzafi said, "He will sit with the murderers and criminals, since with the propaganda that he spread, he prevented innocent people from being vaccinated, and because of that they became ill and were harmed for their entire lives, suffering difficult and complicated issues."

"We also know hundreds of people, personally, who avoided the vaccine and died young," he added. "Their blood is on the heads of the propagandists. May G-d bless His nation with peace."

Last month, Rabbi Mutzafi claimed that Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is "a known liar," but added that, "The Holy Torah commands us to listen to the doctors and to get vaccinated."