Berliner (with microphone) and the Kazakhstan Philarmonic Orchestra
Berliner (with microphone) and the Kazakhstan Philarmonic Orchestra Nahum Slutzker

At the end of December, a number of rabbis from Muslim countries visited the palace of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, reportedly in a cordial atmosphere. The next surprising development is that in another month, a symphonic poem written by Israeli composer Baruch Berliner will be performed in the concert hall of the Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra.

The piece is named "Creation of the World" and is the latest in a series of Torah-based symphonic poems composed by Berliner, pieces that have played in 18 different countries. The performance in Istanbul will be the third time Berliner's work is played in a Muslim country.

The piece will be performed by the Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra which was founded in 1827, when Sultan Mehmet invited the brother of the renowned Italian opera composer Donizetti to form the Imperial Ottoman Orchestra.

The concert is Istanbul will be the first time that "Creation of the World" has been performed in the Turkish language, after the management of the orchestra commissioned a special translation into literary Turkish. In other performances, the announcer read the Torah texts in the language of the country where the poem was being performed.

The orchestra will be conducted by Mikhail Kirchhoff, a Russian conductor who was invited, not by chance, by Israeli producer and musician Nahum Slutzker, the concert's initiator. In recent years, Maestro Kirchhoff has become one of the main promoters of the works of Berliner in the world. According to Kirchhoff,Berliner's music instils a love of classical music, due to the heartfelt melodies, the special harmony, and the universal themes that speak to audiences the world over.

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