The flaming caravan at Oz Tzion
The flaming caravan at Oz TzionBinyamin region spokesperson

The military prosecution has issued an indictment against six Arabs for attempted murder – the Arabs are accused of throwing firebombs at a caravan at the Oz Tzion outpost in the Binyamin region, last summer.

Living in the caravan at the time were four young Jews. The structure caught fire and only by a miracle did the four succeed in escaping without sustaining serious injuries.

Attorney Chaim Bleicher of the Honenu organization is representing the four victims and welcomed the news of the indictments.

“We congratulate the IDF, the Shabak, and the military prosecution for arresting this gang and bringing them to justice,” he said. “The terms of the indictment remind us what kind of cruel enemy we are fighting against and how important it is to strengthen the settlements in all parts of the country. We must prevent these murderers from seizing our land and establishing a terrorist state there whose purpose is to destroy the State of Israel and its citizens. We intend to follow the proceedings of this case and demand a harsh punishment that will serve as a deterrent to future terrorists.”

The incident occurred eight months ago, at the beginning of summer, 2021. According to the terms of the indictment, the six members of the terrorist gang planned to throw firebombs at the residents of Oz Tzion. They obtained a number of glass bottles, purchased gasoline at a gas station, constructed the bombs and headed out to commit the attack. Three of the six approached the caravans on the hilltop while the other three stood watch to make sure no one spotted them.

After the three attackers confirmed that there were Jews in the caravan they were approaching and that the caravan had an open window, they shouted, “Allahu Akbar” and threw six firebombs at the caravan. Three flew into the caravan via the open window; the remainder fell just outside the structure, which immediately caught fire.

The terrorists then fled back to their village; meanwhile, the four Jews who had been sleeping in the caravan were woken by the conflagration and managed to flee. Two of them did so by jumping out of one of the windows and sustained injuries to their legs.

The caravan was severely damaged by the fire; furniture, clothing, and other possessions of the four Jews were destroyed.