Linoy Ashram
Linoy AshramAvshalom SassoniFlash90

Linoy Ashram, Olympic medalist, on Wednesday evening reported that a necklace she received at the Olympics had been stolen, Israel Hayom reported.

Ashram took home Olympic gold for rhythmic gymnastics in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, becoming Israel's first-ever female gold medalist, and the first non-Russian rhythmic gymnast to win the Olympic gold since the 1996 games in Atlanta.

She received the necklace following the Tokyo Olympics, but it was stolen from her personal bag at the Wingate Institute.

"My necklace, which was given to me after the Olympics, was taken this evening from my bag at the Wingate Institute," Ashram wrote on Instagram.

"The necklace has great emotional significance for me, whoever finds it."

She added several "sad" emojis after the words.

Ashram had been at Wingate as a guest of honor at a special ceremony dedicating a statue of a gymnast, Israel Hayom noted.