helicopter arrives at Hadassah Ein Kerem
helicopter arrives at Hadassah Ein KeremHadassah spokesperson

The soldier who was injured yesterday in the ramming attack in Binyamin and the terrorist who was wounded during his apprehension were taken to the hospital together in the same helicopter, with the terrorist not even in handcuffs, Channel 12 News reported.

It was further reported that the doctor of Unit 669 who evacuated the two confronted other medical personnel at the scene, and according to sources present at the scene, he was the one who decided to put the terrorist on the helicopter even though his injury was mild. The army said his condition was serious, but even at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, to which he was referred, his condition was assessed as mild to moderate.

According to the same sources, before the evacuation, the terrorist had already received medical treatment, and was in the hands of a Shabak coordinator who began interrogating him. At this point, the military doctor arrived and "took control of the incident," they said, and a confrontation developed between him and other medical officials at the scene. Before being taken to the helicopter, the handcuffs were removed from the terrorist's hands, it is not clear at what stage and by whom.

An IDF spokesman said in response: "The medical decision to treat the terrorist was made based on clinical parameters only. Any attempt to present the incident in a different light denies reality. It should be emphasized that there was no delay in the treatment of the soldier or risk to him. Prior to the evacuation, an examination was made according to the procedures that the terrorist was not carrying a weapon, and he was treated without handcuffs, regardless of the doctor who received him for such treatment."

"Also, according to the procedures used in these cases, a security guard was attached to the flight to the hospital. As with any evacuation incident, a routine professional investigation is currently underway with the aim of learning from the incident."