Arab riots
Arab riotsFlash 90

The riots in the Negev over KKL planting resumed Wednesday night. 4 suspects from Misgav Shalom and one suspect from Tel Sheva were arrested for throwing stones and burning tires.

This morning, 9 suspects were arrested on suspicion of violating public order and throwing stones at police officers. Yesterday, 18 suspects were arrested, 6 of them youths between the ages of 13 and 17.

A judge in the Be'er Sheva District Court made it clear that he did not intend to release the suspects, and after an appeal was filed he said: "As long as the police are trying to control violence against them, there is no reason to release detainees a few hours after arrest. Police need to hold an investigation and decide whether to bring them to an arrest extension. Then we will discuss. "

Kan 11 reported that the riots are taking place despite the fact that a compromise has been reached on the issue of KKL planting in the Negev. Minister Meir Cohen announced that a compromise has been reached with Ra'am - and that the works will be suspended. Negotiations will begin tomorrow to reach an agreement on the issue.