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At present, the format of podcasts has only just entered the mainstream: it enables keeping the audience engaged in a certain topic while allowing them to handle other chores like driving, cooking, and more. In the Israel area, it has become extremely popular and even driven the attention of researchers all over the world. According to ResearchGate, the podcast has transformed into a valuable source of information, the new knowledge from which can be further shared with others, used for entertainment, or assist in falling asleep.

In this article, we’ll uncover the most popular podcasts in Israel today and what makes those great, as well as share some good tips on how to successfully launch your own podcast series.

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What Are the Most Popular Israel Podcasts?

Before starting to launch any product for any niche, it’s essential to analyze the current trends within the industry chosen. As for the Israel podcasts, there is a wide range of different topics trending. Overall, they include minds of different personalities, scholars, pundits and uncover multiple topics such as travel guides, Israel’s cultural overview, and its unique traditions, famous personas and common people, news discussion, and many more.

The most popular podcasts today are:

  • Haaretz Weekly - a comprehensive guide to Israel, the Middle East, and the Jewish World.
  • The Jerusalem Post - two Jewish introduce the catching Israel insights and its most interesting residents.
  • Israel Story - an award-winning podcast uncovers the amazing stories of common Israel’s inhabitants.
  • At Home in Jerusalem - the series shares opinions and insights from Jewish teachers and scholars.
  • WhyWhyWhy! - a podcast about people sharing the real adventure and misadventure stories in Israel.

However, as this industry has just started to grow, there are still plenty of different niches you can make use of when launching your own podcast project.

A Comprehensive Guide to Entering a Podcast Industry

If planned thoroughly, launching your own podcast series is not that challenging as it seems at first. In general, the success of this project depends on its major concept and the development strategy you’re going to employ. Below, you’ll find the core things to consider when getting into the industry.

#1 Prepare the Script

The initial stage of episode creation starts with the idea brainstorming and the thorough research of a topic you want to introduce. To ensure you dedicate enough time to each topic yet won’t run out of ideas soon, it’s better to stick to the rule “one concept per episode.”

For instance, when choosing a “learn Torah” concept, you can tackle its origin, forms of study, and methods in separate episodes, showing your deep expertise in each.

Moreover, having a step-by-step script outlined, you won’t find yourself switching to another topic, which is essential for delivering a high-quality product.

#2 Consider the Proper Hardware & Software

Next, it’s essential to ensure you’re using first-class recording equipment for your content creation, including the best microphone. If you want to make a video podcast, make sure you have the best video camera, modern recording tools, and a solid video editor. Professional video editing software like Movavi Screen Recorderor Loomcan assist in capturing the interviews and shortening the recordings, which is essential to tackle the major, most important aspects of the episode and keep the audience always engaged.

#3 Record Your First Episode & Edit the Captures

Once the essential preparations are done, it’s time to start the recording process. According to the podcast trend in Israel analysis, the majority of popular channels are made in the format of interviews. Despite the current situation with the pandemic, you can still capture the content with video communication software like Zoomor its alternatives.

Due to the security issues of Zoom in Israel, some companies have begun to use the options like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype, TeamViewer, and other similar tools that enable reaching different personas all over the world within a few clicks.

#4 Promote It on Different Platforms

Once the content is ready, upload video or audio tracks onto different platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and start the promotion. And, to engage more people and get followers, don’t forget to share it on social!

In addition to this, nearly 43% of monthly podcast listeners say they enjoyed listening to the episodes on YouTube, which means this platform can be another powerful ground to grow your audience. The key to successful channel development here is consistency!

Wrapping Up

Now that you know what makes Israel’s podcasts great and how to successfully launch your own project within the industry. As you can see, you should prepare a catching story for each podcast episode, ensure the voices and sounds organically complement it, as well as the overall sounding – one of the most important features of any podcast is pleasant and not irritating, and many more.

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