The government of Quebec has ordered three Orthodox schools in Montreal, Canada to close after they did not follow COVID measures, CTV News reported.

The Quebec Ministry of Education sent formal notices to the three Jewish schools that were holding classes against a provincial order to close in-school learning.

According to a letter sent home to parents obtained by the news outlet, one of the schools, a Jewish elementary school, advised parents not to use the front entrance for drop off or pickup, and to not have their children wear backpacks “as this will drawn unnecessary attention.”

The city of Montreal has specific COVID powers, and must follow up with provincial authorities. In the case of public health measures, they have to pass on information to the prosecutor’s office which would decide whether a fine or charge would be issued.

Quebec’s public security minister, Genviève Guilbault, said in a statement that he was calling on religious leaders to urge their community members to respect public health orders until the latest wave of the pandemic passes.