COVID testing
COVID testingYossi Aloni/Flash90

Health Ministry Director-General has decided to shorten the period of isolation which is required of coronavirus patients from 10 days to seven.

The patients must be asymptomatic for the last three days for them to leave isolation after the seventh day.

In recent weeks, the Health Ministry has conducted a test among about 80 verified Omicron patients, which included PCR tests and special tests to see if the virus remains once every two days.

The results collected so far show that the chance of the virus being able to spread after seven days is low, about six percent, as only one out of 15 cultures taken after seven days contained the virus. These statistics were presented to the epidemic response team, which recommended shortening the isolation period to seven days.

The decision will take effect at midnight Wednesday night.

Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz said: "The isolation period for verified patientsis now shortened to seven days. The study conducted by Health Ministry experts shows that the chance that an Omicron patient will spread the disease after this period is very low. We will not require isolation beyond what is necessary, in order to maintain health, and also the economy, education, culture and to maintain as much as possible the routine of life alongside the coronavirus."

Prof. Ash said: “We decided to shorten the number of days of isolation after examining the issue and finding that the chance of infection beyond a week is low. This decision will help the economy continue to operate in the high conditions of illness, while maintaining public health."