Holocaust Memorial (illustrative)
Holocaust Memorial (illustrative)iStock

A Holocaust memorial fountain in a Santa Rosa, California cemetery was vandalized for the second time in two years.

The memorial, located in Santa Rosa Memorial Park cemetery, contains a fountain for ritual hand washing and a mosaic. It memorializes victims of the Nazis, including 12 family members of Dennis Judd, who commissioned the monument to honor them as well as his survivor parents, Lillian and Emil Judd.

Lillian Judd, who died in 2016, was a longtime Holocaust educator who frequently spoke to children, telling them her story of surviving Auschwitz, according to the Press Democrat.

On Friday, Judd found out that the fountain had been toppled for the second time after receiving a call from an employee of the cemetery, JWeekly reported.

The monument was first overturned in June 2020. The fountain had since been rebuild, with the repaired damage still visible.

Santa Rosa police do not have a suspect for either incident. A police spokesperson told the news outlet that both acts of vandalism are being looked at as possible hate crimes.

Judd said that he believed antisemitism was the motive of the perpetrator.

While a security camera was installed after the 2020 incident, the camera was later stolen.

The local Jewish community is raising funds to repair the monument. Judd is also talking about raising money to install a high end security system.