Meron disaster
Meron disaster David CohenFlash90

Yosef Azriel Reit, the youth from Beit Shemesh who suffered severe injuries in the Meron disaster eight months ago, on Monday is undergoing a surgery at Schneider Children's Medical Center, and the Reit family has requested that the public pray for his recovery.

Since the disaster last year, Reit has been in a coma. Though he can breathe independently, he cannot breathe through his nose and mouth.

"In the disaster he suffered cardiac arrest and brain damage," Rabbi Dr. Yechiel Reit, the boy's father, told Israel National News - Arutz Sheva. "He still has not woken up from the coma. He opens his eyes but there is minimum response. He doesn't really wake up from the coma. This is his situation since then."

"As of today, he is breathing through a tracheostomy. We are trying to deal with these blockages so that he will be able to breathe normally, and not need a tracheostomy. That is the goal of the operation today. We are trying to fix this so that he will be able to breathe from his nose and mouth like a normal person, and not need this hole."

Thanking the public for their support, Rabbi Reit said, "There are many good people who help and who want to help. All sorts of official bodies and also charitable organizations. Thank G-d we received a lot of support."

"I thank all the good people who care and who want to help and who are praying for him. His name is Yosef Azriel, the son of Chaya Michal."