Ismail Haniyeh
Ismail HaniyehReuters

Ismail Haniyeh, the leader of the Hamas terrorist organization, said in an interview with Al-Jazeera on Sunday that "there is no way other than the return of the Palestinians to their homeland and the villages from which they were expelled."

Haniyeh described Hamas as a "national liberation movement that respects those who believe in national unity and relies on the concept of partnership in which all organizations participate in the political game and in the fighting."

"The issue of the release of security prisoners is a clear national matter and Hamas is always discussing ways to bring about their release from the Israeli prison," he stated.

Haniyeh noted that Hamas' entry into the political game and into parliamentary elections was intended to ensure "influence, protection of combat activity against Israel and preservation of national principles."

The Hamas leader also said that "the enemy has no future on Palestinian land because Palestine will remain alive in the conscience of the people and the Islamic nation."