demonstration outside PM's residence
demonstration outside PM's residence Shulo Shalom/TPS

Residents of Samaria demonstrated outside the Prime Minister's Residence Sunday against the government's intention to demolish the Homesh yeshiva and the failure to regulate the status of the 'young settlements.'

The demonstration was organized by the Samaria Regional Council and was attended by local council heads, MKs and representatives of the Homesh yeshiva.

Samaria Regional Council chairman Yossi Dagan said: "We came from Samaria, from Jerusalem, from the south, from all over the country, in front of the cabinet meeting to say enough. We've had enough. The disgrace that was here last week, that on the day that the government approved the scandalous law of connecting the Bedouin outposts that take over the Negev lands to the electrical grid, it cuts off the electricity and destroys houses in Homesh - what a disgrace. What a failure of values."

"The healing government has become the evacuation government. The whole people of Israel will not let this thing continue, the people of Israel will replace this government with a national government. Bennett, we came here in front of the Prime Minister's Office, because the responsibility is on you. We will sit here all week in the tent, even in the rain. You failed and we are here to shout and set the scene, to stop this disgrace. Just as in Homesh in Samaria, so too in Jerusalem and the Negev. The people of Israel are united. The people of Israel will not give up and the people of Israel will win. The people of Israel live," Dagan said.

Kedumim Council Chairman Hananel Durani added, "Mr. Prime Minister, how can you look into the eyes of the Dimentman family or the heroes of the Homesh yeshiva today? How can you look into the eyes of thousands of children of the young settlements who are forced to go through another cold winter? Or will you also regulate them like the theft of land in the Negev?"

"Mr. Prime Minister, just a week ago you reminded those who forgot: 'We did not take a foreign land, but the land of our ancestors.' You have lost your way. The compass is here, in Homesh, in Avigayil, in Asael, in the settlements of Samaria. Change course," Durani said.

Benjamin Regional Council chairman Yisrael Gantz said that "the Israeli government has crossed the red lines. It is abandoning the south and abandoning the settlements. The Bennett government went out of its way to change the law book to allow invaders to seize the land, and turned a cold and disinterested back to the Jewish communities that came on the land with the encouragement and authority of Israeli governments and are loyal citizens and continues to ignore the Arab takeover of Judea and Samaria."

Rabbi Elishama Cohen, the rosh yeshiva of the Homesh yeshiva, said that "the truth of the Homesh yeshiva reached thousands. This is the truth that came to correct the terrible expulsion from Gush Katif and northern Samaria, the 'sin of the spies' of this generation, unconditionally without proper electricity. We call on the Government of Israel, do not get confused, do not stop this life. We would like to congratulate Dagan and the council heads who are joining us in the struggle for the benefit of Homesh. We came to remind you of the territory in Judea and Samaria that is being stolen from us, every day, by the Defense Minister, and you are not preventing it. You know exactly that every day there are setbacks. We will not allow you to forget that."