On Friday, the Israeli Enduro Championship was launched in Samaria - a two-wheeled motor sport that focuses on rider endurance and off-road motorcycles.

The competition, which took place in the Shahak Industrial Park near the town of Shaked in northern Samaria, was attended by about 140 riders who came to compete in the unique terrain of Samaria.

The competition was held in partnership with the Samaria Regional Council, the Council's Tourism Division and the Israel Motor Sport Association.

The brothers Gil and Or won first place in the championship, representing the residents of Etz Ephraim.

"We are very, very excited that you are here with us," said Samaria Regional Council chairman Yossi Dagan, who was present at the competition. "We have invested a lot here wholeheartedly and I hope we have begun a tradition here for many more years together. Every year we will hold the championship here, G-d willing. Samaria is in the center of the country, both historically and geographically, but we really want to be both a cultural and a tourist center and we really enjoy that you are here, representing all kinds and types. Samaria belongs to everyone and is open to everyone. Always come here with great love."

Israel Motor Sport Association head Niv Tzuri said: “We are in the Samaria area. The views are amazing. We've got perfect weather. I would like to thank the council, Shtobi from the tourism division, and the council chairman for their tremendous support in promoting this event that created an amazing motor festival. I hope we will continue to come here every year."

The chairman of the Motor Sport Association, Yaron Gur, added, “It was just amazing. We will be here every year. This is a new place for us and will diversify the whole motor world."

Teddy Hemlock, director of the Zulu Riders Club, thanked the organizers for the event and said, "We really want to say thank you for the phenomenal event here. Also for the reception, the road signage, the atmosphere, the publicity beforehand. It is not trivial in our case, and we appreciate it very much. We really enjoyed this embrace you gave us."

Micha Weiss, who also participated in the championship, added, "It will be blessed. I hope there would be more competitions here in the area."

The director of the Samaria Regional Council's Tourism Department, Yonatan (Shtobi) Blumenthal, concluded, "We are happy to host you. In my name and in the name of the Samaria Regional Council and tourism division, our hope is that in a week or two we will see you here training and walking around here in Samaria. As the council chairman said, for us this is just the beginning."

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