Cindy Grosz
Cindy GroszC.G.

Are you running for Congress? That is the most asked question these days from all of you. Enthusiasm is high, as are potential donors, volunteers and votes within my district.

My first thoughts—I am flattered. Who wouldn’t be. My second thoughts—I am honored that so many feel I have the ability to make an impact in their lives and represent Jews in a positive way in Washington, DC. Third thoughts—is this the time?

New York politics is a mess. New York Jewish politics is even a bigger mess. Let’s face it. New York overall is a one party state. Yes, we had a couple of republican victories, even some historic Jewish republican victories.

However, Jews overwhelmingly voted for Brad Lander, a Jewish progressive who stands with AOC. Voters made him in charge of their money and have given him the power to boycott Israeli businesses and oversee New York Jewish businesses.

They chose another progressive, Alvin Bragg, as Manhattan DA to run their courts and potentially abuse his power targeting Trump supporters and continue crazy bail reforms while pushing police reforms in a crime-ridden city people fear to visit and invest in. He has already changed crimes to misdemeanors with no punishments.

Manhattan is the heart of New York state. Upstate and the outer counties are just their arteries.

Redistricting, especially among Jewish communities, supports Democratic candidates, regardless of incumbents running again. The courts, with a majority of Democratic judges, won’t help our side. Both parties will incur huge attorney fees out of taxpayer dollars. My district is among those targeted to make it even harder for a Republican to win.

Redistricting map
Redistricting mapCindy Grosz

Both parties are trying to avoid primaries. However, there will be primary elections in key races. Here is a question I am asked a lot. “Is New York ready to elect a Jewish Republican Governor?” I am referring to Congressman Lee Zeldin. And, will his congressional seat turn blue? I personally know Zeldin, and his opponents, Andrew Giuliani and Rob Astorino. I can promise you any of them is better than what is in Albany today.

This is not 1990 New York when George Pataki won.

So, Should I Run?

In my district, we are currently represented by Kathleen Rice. Rice has been in office since 2014. Jews are under the impression that we need people like Rice in office because she isn’t progressive. However, Rice votes consistently with her party and like the other “moderates” has never called out the radicals for their hate. Rice, Gottheimer, Luria and the others are like the assembly line episode of “I Love Lucy,” but their work isn’t a comedy or entertainment. Their votes are hurting our economy and opening our border to our enemies. Congresswoman Grace Meng endorsed AOC in her primary in 2020 instead of a more moderate candidate.

There are no more moderate Democrats!

Why do Jews endorse these officials? Why do Republican county leaders ignore these seats and fill them with “benchwarmers?” The reason is simple. There are no financial and political benefits for them. Worse, county leaders are searching for “Jew” money and first time voters who support President Trump. Are we going to let our new clout be taken for granted?

There are big disconnects among voters and their local power players.

Do I Run?

The pressure is on. National donors, especially Trump supporters are ready, willing and eager. National figures, organizations and media are on board. I can say without a doubt when people discuss my district and activism on a national level, my name comes up first. Who else has called out Randi Weingarten, stood with law enforcement, worked with leaders of the Black, Hispanic, Asian, veterans, womens and log cabin communities more than me for years. I wrote classroom oversight legislation before CRT and filed a lawsuit to help Black parents in failing schools.

Who else is more Trump in a time where RINOS have too much power?

I will get celebrity support as republicans in Hollywood and in the fashion world reach out to me!

Sounds Perfect, Right?But, Not So Fast—

Right now, I am focused on real wins for Constitutionalists, Republicans and Trumpers. I have connected those who will win and it’s important for them to see that a Jewish woman stands with them. Their victory is my victory and power, especially in 2022.

Tell me your thoughts.

Cindy Grosz is the Chair of Jewish Vote GOP. She is a former award-winning teacher. She is the author of Rubber Room Romance. Grosz is the host of Cindy’s Political Corner which can be downloaded through iHeartRadio, Spotify and all major podcast outlets. She ran for Congress in 2020 and was an advisor for the National Diversity Coalition for Trump. She can be reached at [email protected]