Residents of Avigayil, located in the Mount Hebron Regional Council, on Wednesday evening at around 9:00 p.m. replanted olive trees which had been destroyed by Palestinians Arabs. Less than a minute passed and the trees were uprooted again, this time in front of the police.

The olive trees in question were uprooted several weeks ago for the first time and again at the beginning of the week. Wednesday night was the third time that the trees were replanted.

The residents say the police did not prevent the destruction and did not even arrest the Palestinian Arabs who uprooted the trees. The large forces that stood there only tried to separate the residents from the Palestinian Arabs but did not prevent the destruction.

At the same time, other anarchists and Palestinian Arabs arrived, placed rocks on the access road to Avigayil and burned a tire in the area, but these acts too were not adequately addressed.

פלסטינים עוקרים עצי זיתדוברות הר חברון

The head of the Mount Hebron Regional Council, Yochai Damri, said, "The impertinence of the Palestinians, who are encouraged by left-wing anarchist organizations, has crossed every boundary. I call for a comprehensive expulsion order from the area of Avigayil for anarchists and Palestinians who are taking over Area C. Only in this way will we calm down the area."