IDF helicopter crashing off Haifa earlier this week
IDF helicopter crashing off Haifa earlier this weekAlon Nadav/Flash 90

The Israel Dog Unit (IDU), at the request of the Israel Police’s Zevulun precinct, arrived in Haifa today to join the search for the remains of an IAF helicopter that crashed into the Mediterranean Sea a few days ago. IDU volunteers located parts suspected to have come from the helicopter, which were taken for forensic investigation.

IDU volunteer finds suspected remains of the crashed helicopter at Haifa beach.

IDU representatives joined other emergency services at a debriefing in the Tzfat precinct regarding the search for a Yeshiva student who was reported missing and eventually found dead in the Meron area. The IDU had participated in the search for the 22-year-old student and worked with the other representatives present to create a new set of protocols for searching in the unique conditions in that region of Israel.

IDU director Yekutiel Ben-Yaakov at debriefing in Tzfat.

The day ended with an intense training session in the Beit She’an valley, including simulated searches inside buildings and performance evaluations for a number of the IDU’s eponymous working dogs, which were passed with flying colors.

IDU search dog successfully completes an exercise to locate a victim inside a building.

An IDU spokesperson commented that “We are proud to act and continually improve, to fulfill our missions, to save lives, and to assist in complex security incidents.”