The US Capitol building
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The Texas real estate agent who attempted to use her participation in the January 6 capitol riot to launch a career as a right wing commentator compared the way she’s been treated to the way the Nazis treated Jews in Germany.

In an interview with NBC Nightly News, Jenna Ryan said she regretted participating in the events of January 6 but described herself as a victim.

“They’re making fun of my skin color. They’re calling me an ‘insurrection Barbie,’” she said.

“They have no idea who I am as a person, what my beliefs are, what I’ve been through, who I am," she added. "They see me as a one-dimensional caricature. They don’t see me as a human.”

"And so, that is the epitome of a scapegoat. Just like they did that to the Jews in Germany. Those were scapegoats. And I believe that people who are caucasian are being turned into evil in front of the media.”

When she was asked to state whether she was comparing her situation – Ryan, who had a large social media following and filmed herself saying she was ready to “storm the capitol,” was sentenced to 60 days in jail – to what the Jews faced in Nazi Germany, she did not answer directly.

“You know what’s so sad? That I’m afraid to answer your question because I will be attacked for saying that,” she said.

She added that the comparison has been made by others and that she feels she is being singled out.

Ryan attended the January 6 “Stop the Steal” rally and then returned to her hotel room. But she later headed to the Capitol after watching footage of the events unfolding on TV.

Ryan recorded herself as the chaos unfolded, streaming on Facebook Live while inside the building.

“You guys, will you believe this?” she was quoted as saying in her sentencing document. “I am not messing around. When I come to sell your house, this is what I will do.”