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Dentist office (archive) ISTOCK

Last night (Wednesday), the Maccabi-dent workers' organization and the Maccabi-dent dental care provider signed a new collective agreement that significantly improves the conditions of approximately 3,000 Maccabi-dent dental clinic workers. The new agreement includes significant wage increases for all sectors, including retroactive allotments for 2021, an increase in workers' welfare and benefits, and promotions.

The agreement provides for a greater budget for doctors, assistants, and dentists, a seniority bonus every five years, a signing bonus of NIS 3,000 (depending on the job in question), and payment or continuing professional development. The agreement was signed with Maccabi-dent CEO Toni Cohen, who took up her position several months ago.

The Chairman of the Workers' Committee, Limor Harel Feigenbaum, commented, "After a long period of negotiations to present the needs of Maccabi-dent workers to the committee, and in cooperation with the new management, we were able to formulate a collective agreement that benefits our workers significantly. We believe that this agreement will lead to significant growth for Maccabi-dent in the next few years. Employees can finally smile wholeheartedly."

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